Jok feeders are flat packed and very easy to assemble without the need for any tools.  The Break feeder is ready to go.  All of our feeders are made from tough, non-toxic, recyclable, weatherproof, easy to clean materials.

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JOK 1 Hanging feeders with 3 compartments for seeds and/or nuts.  Two perch levels.  Easy to fill.  Measures 24 x 26 x 23cm high. JOK 1
JOK 2 As JOK 1 with additional containers on each end for scraps or fat balls etc and a water reservoir on each corner.  Measures 34 x 26 x 23cm high. JOK 2
JOK 11 Single sided feeder for hanging against a wall with 3 compartments for seeds and/or nuts.  Measures 24 x 13 x 23cm high. JOK 11
JOK 21 A very versatile hanging feeder which can be used for nuts or seeds.  Interchangeable parts supplied.  Measures 15 x 19 x 32cm high. JOK 21
BREAK Round, easy to fill, feeder for nuts or seeds with fat/scraps containers, 3 perch positions and a water reservoir in the top.  Can be hung or fixed on a pole.  Diameter 21cm.  Height 15cm.  Capacity 1.2lt. BREAK